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My 6 year old wears AFO’s and these socks are the best thing ever. We have no more problems with her skin being red or painful. – Jenny D.


My 3 yr old Sam has Down syndrome. He recently just got AFO’s and he is wearing them full time! We tried SmartKnit AFO socks. WE LOVE THEM! When we take off his shoes to check his feet the socks are still in place and he has no red marks. We will be obtaining more for sure! – Holly S.


I have been searching for you my whole life! Ok, maybe not my whole life, but a better part of my 11 yr. old son’s life! My son was born 16 wks. early and because of his severe prematurity he developed Cerebral Palsy. We got our first pair of SmartKnit AFO socks from his orthotist and we fell in LOVE with the way they fit (no bulk, no seams) and they were long enough. My only objection was that they were not available in color, but he didn’t care, he really liked the feel. Then came my daughter, who is now 6 1/2, with many sensory issues. We have battled and continue to battle getting dressed for 3 years now. It takes her at least 15 MINUTES to get socks on. Being a girly girl she likes everything to “match”. So imagine my surprise and excitement when we found out that SmartKnitKIDS and SmartKnit AFO sock now come in COLORS! I can NOT wait to get these socks for both my son and daughter. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made a difference, for all of us! – Dondi D.


I have a six year old son with cerebral palsy. He wears orthosis that come to his mid-calf, and I was so tired of socks working their way down into his shoes. Poor kid! He was getting blisters, and complaining that his feet hurt. When I first opened the package, I was concerned they would not be big enough, but they stretched and fit perfectly, and retained their shape and size after washing. He loves his new socks - they are long enough to fold over the tops of his orthosis, and the blisters are all gone. – Danielle T.


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