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Payment & Security

Credit Cards

Knit-Rite Direct accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express

Sales Tax

Knit-Rite Direct is required by law to charge sales tax on all orders placed in the following states:

  • CA:  8.75%
  • ID :  6%
  • KS :  8.925%
  • LA:  4.00%
  • MO:  7.85%
  • NC:  6.75%
  • NY:  4.75%
  • OH:  7.75%
  • TX:  6.25%



We use the strongest encryption technology to protect your confidential personal information and credit card information. All credit card information is encrypted and transmitted using a secure SSL protocol. Knit-Rite Direct does not retain your credit card information after your purchase.


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