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Knit-Rite Direct is an e-commerce Web site created to work with and assist orthotic-prosthetic patient carefacilities, and for patient convenience, offering a limited selection of orthotic and diabetic sock products that are not covered by insurance. Knit-Rite's full line of reimbursable orthotic and prosthetic products are available directly through orthotic or prosthetic care facilities. Knit-Rite is committed to working with O &P providers to offer patients products that will provide comfort and protection. 


Knit-Rite Products Available Through Your Orthotic Prosthetic Care Facility

Prosthetic Textiles

With a wide variety of prosthetic socks, sheaths, shrinkers, lower extremity suspension products and more, Knit-Rite continues to innovate products catered to patient needs. Ask your certified prosthetist or visit for more specific product information.

Orthotic Textiles

We are proud to offer innovative orthotic garments including torso interfaces, protective body socks, cranial interfaces, fracture brace interfaces, upper extremity interfaces, lower extremity interfaces and specialty orthotic textiles, as well as seamless AFO and KAFO socks.

Gradient Compression Hosiery

Knit-Rite offers several lines of gradient compression hosiery manufactured by our Therafirm subsidiary. 

Seamless Sensitivity Products

Patented, truly seamless products for individuals experiencing sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity or who simply can't stand annoying seams. Our SmartKnit line includes under-tees and underwear for kids only and seamless socks for all ages.

Diabetic Socks

SmartKnit Seamless and Therasock Diabetic Socks offer a variety of styles to benefit people with diabetes or sensitive feet.


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